The Svart edition of Yellow’s Keltakuume is the first time the album is available on vinyl since its brief original run in 1975. The album has been mastered for vinyl at Orgone Studios and comes packaged in a gatefold jacket with a new interview with vocalist Hannu Takala. The most special addition to this set is the bonus 7″ Don’t Do That / Dream, which was planned as the band’s debut single in 1974, but after vocalist Johnny Gustaffson (also of Kaamos) quit and was replaced with Hannu Takala, the songs were shelved. They appear exclusively on this 7″ for the first time.

Keltakuume, originally released on Finnlevy in 1975, is a curious mixture of very rough, almost proto-metallic hard rock and softer progressive rock moments, all glued together with a few Beatles-esque songs, and all this bilingually, half of the songs in Finnish and half in English. Perhaps this wildly eclectic nature of the music pushed audiences away from the record, although Yellow had been a strong live band for years prior to recording the album. As was the case with many cult items in the 70s, Keltakuume sold modestly and in a few years the LP had become an expensive rarity.