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Fu Manchu - Signs of Infinite Power

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LP (red/purple/gold marble)

Southern California's heavy fuzz rock legends Fu Manchu's tenth studio album "Signs of Infinite Power" reissued on vinyl on April 19th via Svart Records

Recorded at Maple Studios in Santa Ana, California by the band and producer Sergio Chavez (Motörhead, Helmet) and mixed by Andrew Alekel (Foo Fighters, Danzig), "Signs of Infinite Power" could well be dubbed "a reawakening" of Fu Manchu as the record delivers monstrous doses of the group's punk energy, hard rock drive and psychedelic crunch in spades. From the instant the album's lead track "Bionic Astronautics" soars from the speakers, it is undeniably evident that Fu Manchu is as primed and hungry as ever before. Originally released by Century Media in 2009, "Signs of Infinite Power" holds the sound of a band rocking purely for the sheer joy of rocking; amps cranked to 11 and revved to maximum overdrive.

"Much like the Ramones, Motörhead and even more so AC/DC you know you can rely on Fu Manchu to deliver. No nonsense or intellectual wankery. They have always stayed true to their punk infected musical aesthetic. A tiny shade of Greg Ginn in a lead here, a nod and a wink to the Circle Jerks there. The fast robotic Devo like riffing. Well that's what my brain says to me when I am listening. They are that moment crossing between the 70's and 80's ala' Stacey Peralta from Dogtown to Bones Brigade. Fu Manchu always married the best of seventies rock with early hardcore sounds and its why I unapologetically believe they are super fucking cool." - Geoff Pola / Planet Fuzz

"Signs of Infinite Power" is available on Svart exclusive Red/Purple/Gold marble vinyl, limited Transparent Yellow vinyl, and classic black vinyl. Release date April 19th.

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