Sabbath Assembly

Sabbath Assembly began in 2009 as a project to perform the hymns of the Process Church of the Final Judgment, a 60’s and 70’s cult, originally in association with the release of the book LOVE SEX FEAR DEATH (Feral House).  Four albums – Restored to One, Eno ot Derotser, Ye Are Gods, and Quaternity – provide a glimpse into the inner workings of the Process Church, as well as the budding imagination of a band finding its own voice in the occult rock vein.  Finally with a solid line-up on the fifth self-titled release (2015), Sabbath Assembly presented all original material in their beloved metal style, with lyrics maintaining influence from the darker side.  In 2017 the sixth album Rites of Passage shows the band moving more in a progressive metal direction, featuring songs reflecting on the complexity of the transitional stages of life.

Album discography:
Restored To One  CD/LP  2010
Ye Are Gods CD/LP  2012
Quaternity  CD/LP   2014
Sabbath Assembly CD/LP  2015
Rites of Passage CD/LP  2017


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