The Svart reissue of this cult Finnish Prog Rock album comes with loads more than just a simple reissue. We got in touch with the band’s leader and songwriter Antti Ortamo, who felt that the album suffered from a mix that could have been better. So, we dug up the original multitrack reels and went to Finnvox, who performed a new mix according to Ortamo’s instructions. The reels also contained one completely previously unreleased track, “Lukiossa”, which was left unmixed at the time, so it was also added to this new version. The new version omits the track “Kaupungin naiset” which was also released as a single, as was the band’s original vision.

First CD of this double disc set has the original version of the album, just as released in 1976. Second disc contains the brand new mix with bonus track plus the band’s only single “Käytävä / Kaupungin naiset”. Also included is a booklet with new liner notes and more.