Based in Elche (Alicante, Spain) and born at the end of 2,012, Hela is a doom metal band that tries to reconcile the two main styles of doom, the dirty heavy riffing of the 70’s, and the melancholic and dark atmospheres from the british and scandinavian bands from the early 90’s.

The band is formed by the ex-founding members of the stoner metal band, The Sand Collector, splitted up in summer 2,012. Julián Velasco (guitars), Tano Giménez (bass) and Miguel Fernández (drums) decided to continue playing together but with new/old influences. After a few rehearsals with their new compositions, Isa Sierras joined the band as the new singer.

The name of the band refers to the norse goddess of the underworld who has the half of her body as a beautiful lady and the other half rotted, and this duality fits perfect with their music. Hela is always looking for the contrast between opposites, trying to put together different kinds of doom; heavy and oppressive riffs with mellow vocals and melancholic arrangements; dark designs but beautiful at the same time… And with that premise, the band released their first work, Broken Cross, edited by several spanish labels in june 2,013. The album was considered one of the best metal acts in Spain and one of the best doom metal albums of the year by a lot of underground blogs and webs around the world.