Johan Söderqvist’s soundtrack vinyl Let The Right One In out on September via Svart Records

Let the Right One In (Sweden, 2008) is one of the great cult favorites of the current millennium. The magical tale of childhood and vampirism in the suburbs of Stockholm is scored by the director Thomas Alfredson‘s fellow countryman, composer Johan Söderqvist.

Svart are proud to present the deluxe vinyl and CD release of Söderqvist’s soundtrack. Combining dark orchestral textures with a strikingly melodic beauty, Johan Söderqvist has written a truly unique score for this critically acclaimed Swedish cult film. The Svart vinyl version comes in a gatefold sleeve with the original movie poster art adorning the sleeve. The inside of the cardboard of this limited edition is flooded with red splatters.

”Writing the music for Let the Right One In gave me a rare opportunity to write a score that consists of both darkness and light. The filmmakers weren´t looking for your typical horror soundtrack. The most important quality of the music in this film had to be melody and harmony, so even if the overall tone of the film and the score is dark and atmospheric, there is always a sense of hope and beauty.

Let the Right One In is one of the most beautiful films, visually, that I’ve ever worked on. The director, Tomas Alfredson, is a unique director who has enough confidence to allow his collaborators to explore, experiment and find their own way to contribute something unique to the film. Working with him was a big pleasure, and I hope that you will enjoy listening to this music as much as I did creating it.”

Johan Söderqvist – October, 2008

Let the Right One In is out on CD, black and blood red vinyl on September 9th 2022.

Johan Söderqvist: Let The Right One In (YouTube)

9.9. Johan Söderqvist: Let The Right One In (pre-sale link)

Let the Right One In

Music Composed and Produced by Johan Söderqvist

Music Conducted & Orchestrated by Hans Ek

Album Produced by Johan Söderqvist and Mikael Carlsson

Music Performed by Slovak National Symphony Orchestra

A1 The Arrival                                             (2:45)

A2 Eli And Oscar                                         (3:12)

A3 Eli’s Theme                                            (2:41)

A4 The Slaughter                                        (2:49)

A5 Oscar In Love                                         (2:11)

A6 Hiding The Body                                     (1:34)

A7 After The Fight                                       (1:06)

A8 Oscar Strikes Back                                  (1:36)

A9 Virginia Wakes Up                                  (1:09)

A10 The Father                                           (1:47)

A11 Spotting A Victim                                 (1:12)

B1 Giving Up                                              (2:20)

B2 Death Of Håkan                                     (2:18)

B3 B4 Virginia Is Bitten                                (2:31)

B4 Then We Are Together                           (2:41)

B5 Virginia In Flames                                   (2:15)

B6 Eli Bleeds                                               (1:45)

B7 Related By Blood                                    (1:34)

B8 Lacke Dies                                             (1:47)

B9 Going Home                                          (1:38)

B10 Let The Right One In                             (5:49)