SVART to release complete recordings of SANTA LUCIA: Finnish ’80s female metal/punk cult

Svart Records are set to release Perse Palaa triple-LP set, the complete works by Santa Lucia, including their only full-length album, Arktista Hysteriaa; the mini-album Neljä Tunnelia Tuonelaan, not previously available on vinyl; single tracks, and nine demo songs not previously made public. TheArktista Hysteriaa LP has become a cult item over time, and has garnered the defunct band many new fans from younger generations.

“The record still sounds totally timeless, and the band’s music is a perfect mixture of things the girls liked at the time,” says Janne Joutsenniemi, a fan and the vocalist of Stone, Finland’s most classic speed metal group. “It had a lot of vision and enthusiasm to it. If Santa Lucia had been just a repetition of musical fashions of the time, I’m quite sure nobody would be into them in 2019.”

Santa Lucia, formed by a group of 12-year-old girls in Kemi, northern Finland, in 1984, was in many ways an unusual band in the rock scene of the time: they were one of the first acts to record heavy metal sung in Finnish, and its members were 16-year-old teenage girls when signing the record deal with Poko Records. The band operated from 1984 to 1992. Matti Riekki, the editor of Inferno magazine comments: “Every path has its pioneers and settlers, and in that sense, the pioneering work Santa Lucia did in the ’80s is not unique. What is unique, however, is that during the 27 years that have passed since the band’s demise, nobody has been able to tread a similar path. Santa Lucia’s combination of speed metalish backdrops, the gloom of post-punk, and keyboard-led melodies is still something not achieved or even attempted by other bands.”

Svart Records is releasing a 350-copy edition of the 3LP set on August 30th.The set is limited to the vinyl format only, with the exception of the previously unreleased demo track “Hiljainen Mies,” which is available for streaming at Svart’s Soundcloud.