Octopie is a unique group that brings the progressive world up to date. The band’s distinctive and colorful style is influenced by the late 60s and early 70s era of psychedelic and progressive rock, but at the same time is very much a band of the new generation, wanting to bring spontaneity and honest expression back to music.

Octopie was formed in 2010 by Tom Tamlander and Axel Thesleff and was soon joined by Jere Lehtomaa. Together they started working on their first album ’Fresh from the Oven’ and performing in local venues. The album was released independently in 2012 and was soon followed by a self-titled and critically acclaimed EP. After Visa Kivisaari joined the band in 2012 and the EP was released in 2013, the band started to gain more national and international curiosity. During this time they started working on their most ambitious album yet, ’The Adventure of Harry and Walrus Kane’.

The album is a conceptual piece telling a story about a man who is lost in his life and exists without a meaning. He falls asleep one night and dreams a dream about a walrus named Kane who takes him back in time on an amazing adventure so he could once again find the inner child within him so he could find joy and meaning in his life again.

The album was written and recorded in 2013-2015 and finally released in 2015 to a growing and anticipating fanbase. Octopie is a band who creates music in its own terms. They move in a retrograde motion to the mainstream, writing music that sounds like the music they love and exploring new possibilities that are not defined by rules or conventions. They are the new progressives, bringing imagination back to music.