Sabbath Assembly

Sabbath Assembly began in 2009 as a project to perform the hymns of the Process Church of the Final Judgment, originally in association with the release of the book LOVE SEX FEAR DEATH.  From this project, a proper band was born with the release of "Restored to One."  The band continued their exploration of the Process Church with the release of "Ye Are Gods," which documented the secret, sacred "Sabbath Assembly" liturgy, and featured Genesis P. Orridge acting as high priestess of the ceremonies.  "Quaternity" followed as a mostly acoustic album of Process hymns and original material inspired by Processian ideas.  The fourth release of the band, "Eno ot Derotser," was actually recorded first of all; it presents pre-"Restored to One" versions of the Process hymns from that album, performed acoustically.  This cycle of four records completes the bands relationship with the Process Church (for now), and the fifth album will feature solely original material