Mikko Mattila / Janne Sarna / Damhair

Mikko Mattila / Janne Sarna / Damhair - Isten Fanzine: Churches, Book

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100 pages, 10" format, soft cover.

CHURCHES by Isten Fanzine is an ABC book for both builders and burners, in all the glorious colours of rust and soot. CHURCHES interrogates visionaries, dreamers and Gesamtkunstwerks from a wide spectrum: Clandestine Blaze, Seremonia, Satanic Warmaster, Ranger, Gentry Lord, M.O.R.A., Kohti Tuhoa, Circle, Pacto De Sangre, Grave Pleasures, Fosforos, A.R.G., Demon’s Gate, Vorum, Mara Balls, Warp Transmission, Myrkky-Käärme and Sarcofagus. 100 pages of Isten Fanzine, the most hardheaded fanzine in the Northern hemisphere—no compromises, no apologies. Take it or leave it.

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