Tree of Life

Orne Tree of Life



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Black vinyl, 300 copies.

Orne’s second album appeared in 2011 and was available on vinyl only for a fleeting moment. Svart Records are proud to offer a high quality reissue, limited to 300 copies on black and 200 on blue vinyl.

Orne were Reverend Bizarre’s alter ego in a sense, as they were the guitarist Peter Vicar/Kimi Kärki’s vehicle for his progressive rock oriented compositions. Joined by vocalist Albert Witchfinder, drummer Earl of Void plus Pekka Pitkälä on guitar, Timo Oksanen on flute and Pirkka Leino on keyboards, Orne are a brilliant conjoining of early 70’s prog rock sensibilities with a certain esoteric qualities familiar from its members’ other projects already.