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Katla is an enticing mixture of everything that was unforgettable and magical in the musical landscape of the seventies – a hint of krautrock here, a dash of Hawkwind-y psychedelia there and a touch of Swedish folk rock on top.

In February 2014 the band entered the legendary studio of Silence Records in the dark forests of Värmland to tape their long play debut. During a weekend of recording and walks through the woods the album took shape.The songs consisted of old and new ones ranging from the krauty psych-rock of A Black, Slimy, Smooth and Tongueshaped Form, over the heavy stoner of Horsehead to the calm of Embryo.

The album was mixed at Cobra Studios by Christian Gabel (bob hund) and the band with help from David Svedmyr. After finishing the recording session the band went on hiatus due to members moving abroad, but now they’re back, and they’re ready to present the psychedelic nugget that is Embryo.

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