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The laserpunk duo Rainbowlicker, consisting of Johan (ex-Beastmilk) and Peps (ex-Creepy Crawlie), has for quite some time aroused attention with their live performances, but until now the worrisome twosome hasn't been successfully persuaded to enter the studio. Svart Records forced the duo to record an album, titled I Saw The Light But Turned It Off, to be released in January.

Today the band unleashes the music video for the first single off the album, Highscore. Directed by Teemu Niukkanen and produced by Teko Films, the video is a revealing look into the music business and its shadowy workings. Awkwardly humorous in the best Ricky Gervais fashion, the video perfectly illustrates the band's worldview in all the shades of grey.

Peps and Johan's music draws inspiration from the fury of punk rock and riot grrrl subculture and drowns them in electronic pulsating waves of sound. The eclectic electric group has been difficult to pin down, and their music has shaken the walls of art galleries as well as rat-infested Russian squats.

"In life things get often so embarrassing that one just cant do anything about it or especially say it aloud, but sometimes you just have to", Johan describes the band's modus operandi. Rainbowlicker is longing and wanderlust draped in kitsch, and an aspiration to break free the clutches of everyday embarrasment, take a large rainbow-colored brush and paint over it.

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