The Coffinshakers

The Coffinshakers - Earthly Remains

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3 x 7" Box Set (Gold/Black/Purple Splatter)
3 x 7" Box Set (Midnight Sky)
3 x 7" box set

Svart Records proudly present Earthly Remains, a three 7" singles box set with new Coffinshakers tracks!

The ”Earthly Remains” box-set includes three songs from the latest ”Graves, Release Your Dead” album and three brand new tracks from the same sessions. These tracks shouldn’t be seen as left-overs though, they certainly deserve their place in any serious Coffinshakers collection and in a sense makes the album complete.

”March of The Coffinshakers” marks the procession of the dead featuring a lead guitar taken straight from the spaghetti-horror dimension with massive string arrangements to boot. ”Raising Hell” sees the band in garage mode, complete with a vicious fuzz! Finally the doomsday story of ”No Return” almost takes us to crooner territory, imagine that! The three 7”s are housed in brand new watercolor artwork by Jenny Bengtsson. Will you dare to take one step further into the strange realm of The Coffinshakers?

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