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Tuomas A. Laitinen’s debut album Sapiduz is a shapeshifting spectre containing traces of early music, mutated vocals, and granular electronic composition techniques. The album process started when Laitinen commissioned samples from vocalist Milla Mäkinen and created compositional tools out of this material.

Sapiduz is like medieval music played on an interstellar journey, creating both absurd and chimeric combinations of sounds and moods. Analogous to Laitinen’s other works as an artist, the album is an entanglement of symbiotic processes and worldbuilding where the (mythical) past is attuned to submit questions about emerging futures.

Sapiduz is a sibling to Laitinen’s installation in the 2021 Helsinki Biennial. The online part of this artwork contains an ambient 24h radio station transmitted every full moon until the end of 2021. In the radio station ?FM, a fluid music technology Bronze AI is utilised to create a neverending composition from the same root samples used in Sapiduz. This generative system is steered with the logic of mRNA codons.

The album’s title is a word for a bee in the medieval polymath Hildegard of Bingen’s constructed language Lingua Ignota.

Tuomas A. Laitinen is an artist who works with sound, glass, and video installation. Laitinen composes situations and installations that inquire into the porous interconnectedness of language, body, and matter within morphing ecosystems.

Album is released on Öm-sound label curated by Timo Kaukolampi, and distributed by Svart Records.

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