Since being birthed in 2009 to the Finnish southwest coastal city of Turku, Throat have stubbornly plowed against the grain of contemporary music scenes. The initial idea of making a racket 20 years past its expiry date has evolved along the way, perhaps to the extent where it's difficult to consider the humble beginnings of the first Good Times (2009) cassette and the latest work We Must Leave You (2023) as creations of the same band.

Yet the foundation remains the same. Heavy, noisy and dark rock music. The level of dissonance, violence and abrasiveness has varied over the years of Throat's existence, reaching a pinnacle on the debut album Manhole (2013) and it's follow-up the Short Circuit (2015) mini-album. The succeeding albums Bareback (2018) and Smile Less (2021) took conscious steps away from the noise rock rule book, developing the band's sound into something more personal. We Must Leave You (2023) sees this development reaching even further with the most melodic yet darkest outing from Throat thus far.

Besides the albums, Throat has done a plethora of smaller EPs, split releases, compilation appearances as well as the remix works Bareback (Stripped & Remasked) (2020) and The Hospice Remixes (2022) where the band asked noise/industrial/experimental artists to rework the original recordings into something completely different.

Throat has actively presented their no-frills performance on Finnish stages big and small since the beginning. They have also ventured on short-run tours and appearances in the UK, France, Belgium, United States and Estonia. Besides tons of fine Finnish acts, Throat has shared stages with Torche, Unsane, Big Business, Lydia Lunch's Big Sexy Noise, Brant Bjork, Brainbombs etc.

Approaching 15 years of noise, the future may not look too bright for Throat.
And that's exactly how they like it.

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