Uhrijuhla is tailor-made for lovers of intensive atmospheres. Their name comes from the Finnish translation of the classic cult-horror film The Wicker Man, and their sophomore album, Jokainen on vapaa lintu, translates to “Everyone is a free bird” in English. The psychedelic and warmly progressive sound of Uhrijuhla benefits from the mood changes provided by the two vocalists, Olga Välimaa and Kauko Röyhkä. When Olga sings, the moods are mostly dreamy, transparent, melodic, and tender, while Kauko Röyhkä provides a harder and rougher edge to their sound.

Is this progressive rock? Perhaps in the way Pink Floyd is progressive. Not that many long solos or complicated arrangements, but impressive songs, atmosphere, and depth, saysKauko Röyhkä, when asked about the forthcoming album. The album was produced by one of the Svart Records regulars, Joona Lukala, and this second album is definitely more solid and polished than the self-titled debut album.