Göden - Vale of the Fallen

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Göden, the spiritual successor of Death Doom legends Winter, returns with a new album out in May 2024

Göden is back, and on their latest album the sound is heavier than ever. Creator Stephen Flam is best known for his previous work with the band Winter, whose sludgy dirge earned a cult following for decades to come. Göden is the spiritual successor to Winter. One could say Celtic Frost is to Triptykon what Winter is to Göden. Their debut album, “Beyond Darkness” stood on its own in creating a distinctive world.

Now, four years later, they explore new sonic territories with their second album, “Vale of the Fallen”. While "Beyond Darkness" was a concept album that propelled listeners into space, whether inner or outer, “Vale of the Fallen” brings us back to twisted reality. Their more in-your-face approach should only intensify the experience-much like a walk through a post-apocalyptic landscape in the bleakest imaginable conditions.

Sound-wise, Stephen Flam's heavier-than-life riffs, Vas Kallas' sardonic delivery and Tony Pinnisi's keyboards create oppressive atmospheres atop Jason Frantz's powerful drumming, while in contrast Margaret Murphy’s violin weaves ghostly motifs. Like its predecessor, “Vale of the Fallen” features interludes which provide brief respites between some tracks, only to return to the crushing heaviness in yet another avalanche of sound.

This might be your favorite album of 2024.

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