Lost in the New Real

Arjen Anthony Lucassen Lost in the New Real

Available on: 17.6.2022

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2LP (magenta/black marble)


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2LP, gatefold sleeve, booklet, limited magenta/black vinyl

This limited reissue of Arjen Lucassen’s (of Ayreon fame) second solo album from 2012 comes in a gatefold jacket and features the original booklet.

The story of “Lost in the New Real” follows Mr. L, a twenty-first century man who was cryopreserved at the moment of clinical death from a terminal disease. The album begins as Mr. L is being revived at a point in the distant future, when technology has advanced enough to cure his disease. Mr L finds himself in a world that has drastically changed — to the point that the line between what’s real and what’s not is no longer clear.

Arjen Lucassen as “Mr. L”
Vocals, instruments, music, lyrics

Rutger Hauer as “Dr. Voight-Kampff”

Arjen lucassen: all instruments, with the exception of those listed below
Wilmer Waarbroek: backing vocals
Ed Warby: drums
Rob Snijders: drums
Ben Mathot:violin
Maaike Peterse: cello
Jeroen Goossens: flute
Elvya Dulcimer: Hammered dulcimer on “Battle of Evermore”

A1 The New Real                                                                                6:24

A2 Pink Beatles In A Purple Zeppelin     3:36

A3 Parental Procreation Permit                                     5:03

A4 When I’m A Hundred Sixty-Four                             2:30

A5 E-Police                                                                                         4:07


B1 Don’t Switch Me Off                                                4:06

B2 Dr Slumber’s Eternity Home                                    3:51

B3 Yellowstone Memorial Day                                     3:31

B4 Where Pigs Fly                                                                              3:47

B5 Lost In The New Real – Ghosts/Dead Or Alive…/Synthetic State Of Consciousness/Blissful Ignorance/A Second Chance?                                       10:19


C1 Our Imperfect Race                                                  6:27

C2 Welcome To The Machine                                       4:45

C3 So Is There No God?                                               4:41

C4 Veteran Of The Psychic Wars                                  4:34

C5 The Social Recluse                                                  3:55


D1 Battle Of Evermore                                                  5:28

D2 The Space Hotel                                                                            3:49

D3 Some Other Time                                                                          3:21

D4 You Have Entered The Reality Zone 3:24

D5 I’m The Slime                                                                                2:53