Teksti-TV 666

Teksti-TV 666 - Vapauden tasavalta

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LP (yellow)

The Finnish masters of explosive krautrock, the band of a thousand guitars, Teksti-TV 666 are ready to let loose their second album in February 2023 after the five year long wait. Svart Records are proud to release Vapauden Tasavalta on CD, vinyl and digital platforms on February 24th 2023.

Teksti-TV 666 plays loud and stretched-to-the-max alternative rock songs filled with motorik-beats, shoegaze, psychedelic elements, and suddenly a proto-metal riff or two emerging out of nowhere. The band likes to avoid the excessive seriousness surrounding their music and instead vows to their constantly growing wall of sound -army and to the various vocalists joining them on stage. Teksti-TV 666 is the band to light up the party anytime, anywhere.

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