Storyteller - More Pages, LP

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Storyteller's two albums were released by Britain's then foremost folk label, Transatlantic, their eponymous debut LP in 1970, and their last will and testament, 'More Pages', in 1971.
This Svart reissue of 'More Pages' comes after the successful reissue of the band's debut album last year, and this one is likewise restricted to 500 copies on black vinyl. 

'More Pages' has been hard to find as a full album, because the Storyteller CD reissue consists of the full first album and only a portion of the second. 

No longer confined to being coveted by collectors and those in the know, this lush remastered reissue via Svart Records comes on gatefold vinyl with updated liner notes and interview. If you treasure Folk, Prog and Psychedelic Rock, make sure this is a tale you don’t miss out on!

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