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Olavi Louhivuori - Immediate Music I, LP

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Olavi Louhivuori's experimental three album series kicks off in December

Drum and percussion artist Olavi Louhivuori starts his ambitious three album project Immediate Music in December when Svart Records release Immediate Music I on LP and digital formats. The trilogy series aims to explore the limits of freedom in music, with Louhivuori working with different ensembles from album to album. On the first album percussionist Louhivuori is joined by Pekko Käppi on bowed lyre and sound artist Teemu Korpipää on synthesizer and sound effects. The album will be released on LP and digital formats by Svart Records on December 9th, when the trio will also perform an album release concert at the WeJazz Festival in Helsinki. Upon release the album concept is going to be expanded with a 20-minute video by director Wille Hyvönen and a web page, www.immediatemusic.xyz, designed by the web artist Ville Niemi.

"When working on the record I wanted to create an environment where I as an artist would have minimal amount of control to my creation", Louhivuori tells of his new project. "We met with Teemu and Pekko for the first time just before the sessions began. Our music quickly found colors, atmospheres and directions of its own, and it took us at times to surprising destinations." As a series Immediate Music I - III is a long term project centered around the question of freedom in art and the creation of art. "The theme quickly took off and expanded into an all-encompassing meditation on the subject. I want every part of the series to feature musicians I hold in high regard and also co-operation with other fields of art.", says Louhivuori. 

Drummer-composer Olavi Louhivuori (b. 1981) is best known for his group Oddarrang, whose successful mixture of jazz and post rock has found many international fans. His solo work has also resulted in a couple of critically acclaimed albums. The workaholic Louhivuori has also performed with several important contemporary jazz groups, such as Ilmiliekki Quartet (with Verneri Pohjola), Alexi Tuomarila Trio and Tomasz Stanko Quintet. He's also played with international musicians such as Lee Konitz and Anthony Braxton.

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