Crucifixion (Jap)

Crucifixion - Necrolatry / Corpse Decapitation, LP

• LP
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Solid black vinyl limited to 200 copies.
Pioneering, totally obscure Japanese Death/Thrash holocaust 1986-1987 straight from the most impenetrable tape trading vaults.. featuring two former members of MESSIAH DEATH!!
Official discography including:
- "Necrolatry" Demo (1987)
- "Corpse decapitation" Demo (1986)
One of the oldest death metal units from Japan along with MESSIAH DEATH, CRIMINAL CHRIST, BELETH and DEATHSPEED. Raw, savagely fast brutality for fans of REPULSION, NECROPHAGIA, early SODOM and Cogumelo death/thrash classics. Includes an insert with scans of the original tape and an extensive interview made by Takashi Tanaka (Anatomia, Transgressor, Necrophile, Gamvetta). An impossible to find rarity rescued by your FOAD maniacs and brought back to life in a top quality edition!

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