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Ave Rock - Espacios, LP

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Svart Mondo presents an official reissue limited to 500 copies. Black vinyl.


Ave Rock’s second album "Espacios" (1977) is their most accomplished effort, and a real rare find as an original copy. A pioneer of symphonic prog in Argentina, the band's compositions are extremely ambitious, with epic, expansive songs like 'Pausa en Espacios' and 'Surcos en el Aire' clocking in at  21 and 15 minutes respectively. Ave Rock arranged eclectic musical motifs with lively and expert cohesiveness, a clever management of textures and tempo shifts, robust performance skills, and solid interplaying between the members. Vocal harmonies bring to mind bands like Yes, with their dramatic sensibility influenced by Genesis, Pink Floyd's early eerie melancholy, and a healthy dose of Ave Rock’s own special ethereal magic. The powerful rhythm section combines rocking dual guitar with piano chord progressions, and layers of heavy organ and synthesizer, making the album a feast for the ears. "Espacios" is a milestone of high quality early South American prog.

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