The Helsinki-based trio VIRTA are known for immersive live shows and the extraordinary electroacoustic music they create. The way the band mixes ambient electronica into nordic jazz, post-rock and psychedelia is something quite unique. VIRTA, founded in 2011 by childhood friends Erik Fräki, Antti Hevosmaa and Heikki Selamo have released two critically acclaimed albums "Tales from the Deep Waters" (Tourist Information, 2012) and "Hurmos" (Svart Records, 2016).

After being in a state of metamorphosis for the past seven years, the trio is about to release their hotly anticipated third album "Horros". VIRTA build on and take the questing, jazz-tinged adventures of their last album into new terrain. Still recognisable as who they were, the VIRTA of 2023 now delves further than ever before into their inner world to craft their most affecting, most atmospheric and most cinematic music to date.

Reflecting on "Horros", Antti says “We’ve always made music we want to listen to ourselves. We’ve asked what is the sound we want to listen to? We are digging deeper now, with new elements – more vocals. Lyrics too, which we haven’t done before.” Without sacrificing who they are, VIRTA now have a wider scope than ever.

“A key idea with VIRTA is to make the music you hear in your head and share it with people,” adds Heikki.

“Yes, to share what is in our heads,” agrees Erik. “But also, it becomes live music, that’s the point – to make music we share, to make connections.”

Such empathy means that when "Horros" is played live, room is there for improvisation. “We may expand the sonic palette live, stretch out,” reveals Antti. “We might do some jamming to fit the ambience of the show.” The journey taken by the album is not over.

"Horros" is more than an album for VIRTA. It is also an expedition into fresh territory for Antti Hevosmaa, Erik Fräki and Heikki Selamo – creatively, musically and metaphorically. The spell it casts instantly captivates. Once this world is entered, it is not possible to depart.

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