The Helsinki post-jazz group VIRTA release their second album on December 2nd on Svart Records. The instrumental trio, known especially for their fiery live performances, have prepared their new opus meticulously until it has been deemed ready to be unleashed. Titled HURMOS, the 50-minute work consists of seven electro-acoustic pieces.


”We’ve been working on HURMOS for over three years now, and finally we feel we’re ready to share it with other people. During the process of making the album we gravitated more and more towards electronic sounds, so HURMOS ended up being a synthesis of these quite old compositions and modern sound production. For us, the years the process took felt almost like a test to see if the music we made could tolerate the erosion of time.”


VIRTA’s brand of art combines textures of Nordic jazz, electronica and post-rock with avant-garde sensibilities. The band’s roots stretch back to 2011, and their debut album Tales From The Deep Waters (Tourist Information, 2012) sold out quickly and garnered a considerable amount of praise while at it. The trio and their quirky instrumentation have already raised international interest and have performed on, to mention a few, the 12-Points festival in Dublin, Match & Fuse Festival in Oslo and Pori Jazz in Finland.

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