Throat came into flesh in 2009 in the southwest coast city of Turku, Finland. Frustrated by the lack of bands playing the kind of rock that was 20 years past its expiration date, J Mattila and A Juhakoski decided to start a band of their own, recruiting J Laakko and T Lahtinen to complete the line-up.


Throat played their first show only after 2 months of being formed and the first recording in the form of the “Good Times” cassette came in September 2009. Considering how small the crowd in Finland was/is for noise rock, Throat managed to actively play shows and keep a steady pace of short run releases coming. The first release receiving wider attention being the “Licked Inch Fur” 12” mini album in 2011.


Some 7” and split releases later, the debut album “Manhole” was released in 2013, gaining Throat praise and attention in the worldwide noise rock scene. The following year the band did a short UK tour with fellow Finns Hebosagil and in 2015 the bands toured France and Belgium together, coinciding with Throat’s “Short Circuit” 12” mini album release on the legendary U.S. label Reptilian Records.


Late 2016 saw the first line-up change when T Lahtinen left the band and L Leppänen joined the band in the summer of 2017 when writing for the next album was well under way.


Throat’s second album “Bareback” was released in August 2018 on Svart Records, coinciding with the band’s U.S. tour with the NYC band HAAN. “Bareback” received tons of positive reviews and with improved distribution reached more interested ears internationally.


Another line-up change came in the spring of 2019 when the band parted ways with original drummer J Laakko. In the meantime the 10-year anniversary release “Decade of Passive Aggression 2009-2019” double-CD was released on Kaos Kontrol and a new drummer was found with A Kinnunen joining the ranks early summer 2019.


Closing the “Bareback” cycle, Kaos Kontrol released the double-CD “Bareback (Stripped & Remasked)” in September 2011 with international noise/industrial artists remixing the album. A month later the band entered Tonehaven Recording Studio with Tom Brooke to record “Smile Less”, their third full-length album, set to be released via Svart Records on May 14th, 2021.


With over 100 shows under their belts, Throat have shared stages with Brainbombs, Torche, Unsane, Big Business, HAAN, Brant Bjork, War Brides, Couch Slut, Church of Misery, Tongue Party, Silent Front, Lydia Lunch’s Big Sexy Noise, Them Teeth etc.

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