Kati Rán

Dutch artist and Nordic folk pioneer Kati Rán is set to release her long-awaited full-length album, “SÁLA” on Svart Records in May 2024. Embarking on a far-reaching musical and personal travelogue, "SÁLA" a reawakening of both the feminine narratives submerged and fragmented within Norse mythology, and the enduring, healing powers held within.

Kati Rán is known for her collaborative audio work for Netflix’s tv series VIKINGS: VALHALLA, films and work for videogames, her stage appearances with Wardruna, Myrkur and Gaahl’s Wyrd to name a few, and her previous releases of the successful album; and Nordic dark folk tracks “Blodbylgje” and Icelandic track “Unnr | Mindbeach”; that run millions of streams and gathered a tightly knit Nordic Folk music loving audience around her.

Kati Rán elaborates:” Signing to Svart Records was for me the most natural next step to collaborate and release my music with long-standing expertise in bringing out amazing artists and vinyl for true music connoisseurs, and to be able to bring my audience a full experience to enjoy my new Nordic Dark folk album ”SÁLA” (Old Norse for both “sea” and “soul”). My album “SÁLA” has been tenuously crafted and produced together with Jaani Peuhu (Swallow the Sun, IANAI, Lord of the Lost, Hallatar) and is curated of sorts by my many years of writing, researching and travelling the Northern landscapes; taking on board with me incredible artists, sounds, musicians and producing it together closely with Jaani and also Christopher Juul (Heilung) to breathe the Nordic soul into the heart of this album."

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