GOATESS, from Stockholm, was formed in 2009 under the name Weekend Beast. From the start, the Swedish four-piece was hyped for success, appearing at prestigious festivals including Doom Shall Rise (Germany) before a record was even released.


Since changing names in 2012, Goatess has carved a unique niche in the somewhat overpopulated doom metal scene; grabbing doom influences and taking them to the desert, thus creating a melting pot of repetitive, stoner groove.


Goatess has released two albums – most recently “Purgatory Under New Management” (2016) – and has completed several European tours.


2017 was a time for change, and the bands’ original line up was reformed. The core duo of Kenta Karlbom (drums) and Niklas Jones (guitar) remains, with new members Karl Buhre and Samuel Cornelsen (vocals and bass respectively) completing the unit.


Their sound is constantly evolving and in 2019, Goatess worked hard to write and record songs that you can soon hear on the highly anticipated third record entitled “Blood and Wine”.

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