Enter the Temple of Wounds, unleashed from the clandestine Canadians Blight. Rising out of obscurity to share their violent, radical, and illuminating vision, Blight’s nine song new album is a 52-minute exercise in galvanizing, and relentless Black Metal. Temple of Wounds will find a home within the ashen hearts of listeners of luminaries such as Behemoth, Marduk, and Rotting Christ, while also embracing the contemporary, underground zeal of bands such as Bölzer, Cobalt, Light of the Morning Star, and Kriegsmachine.


Yet the sound that Blight shapes out of chaos and calamity is uniquely their own: grand choirs and fiery chants pepper the band’s powerful and dynamic approach to Black Metal, where claustrophobic, menacing riffs threaten to suffocate, percussive elements merge violence with technological prowess, and vocals are delivered with a cathartic intensity.


Formed in 2008 in Montreal, Blight released several highly sought-after tapes into the  underground during their early years. It was only after a brief hiatus, from 2010 to 2011, that frontman Gabriel McCaughry (ex- Unquintessence, Ion Dissonance, Vatican, Anathema Publishing Ltd.) made a pact with current-members Pascal Pelletier, Cedric Deschamps, and Rob Lapalme (ex- Insect & Ontôs On) to solidify what stands as today’s manifestation of Blight.


The band were discovered by the sub-arctic worshippers of blackest vinyl at Svart Records and after a short and fruitful period of communication, the parchments were inked and a covenant was made to release Blight’s new album Temple of Wounds on the 5th of June, 2020. Blight’s lyrical themes explore deep facets of inner alchemical transmutation, which lends their music substantial literary weight. Temple of Wounds is allied with a higher intelligence, creating a state-of-the-art sound-war of Black Metal that is at once fresh and familiar, primitive, and epic in scope.

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