Prairie WWWW Wu-Hai



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“Shapeless Beast” starts from the lo-fi drone sound. A door of certain consciousness seems open in the dream. “Moon” Leading by two drums and a flute and collaborating with guitars and synthesiser, a man and a woman are chanting together a short poem searching and going forwards from their individual mist paths. After entering “Eyewood”, as falling into a reddish lake, a drum beat suddenly penetrates into the second level of consciousness. Being dizzy consistently and dancing at the same place, a unique rhythm with a strong tribal drum beats and fuzz guitar provides a special trippy ambiance.

Withdrawn from the clear rainy “Callous”, contemplate with open eyes, emotions calm down gradually
and stories are ready to go to the end. Lastly it comes to the title rhythm “Wu-Hai”. Tapping finely and following the bell ring, we sing softly and seem to be ready to get up and step out slowly, lightly and assertively. Feedback sounds and folk funeral melody of Taiwan are unceasingly playing. Filled with consciousness and memories, we watch the dead doing his last lingering around the border, farewell to the dead and enter the void which end the stories just like that of “Travel Elegy” written by Wislawa Szymborska.

The EP derives from the stories of aboriginals and also life experience of Prairie WWWW‘s members. By three-phase ceremonies – searching, involvement and recurrence, this journey is so written through deep profound introspection and reminiscence.