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Four lads from Leipzig, Germany, (two of which also perform in the band Deathrite), founded a new band called Wayward! They are out to play some nasty rock’n’roll, like holy Motörhead in 1979 wielding the quintessential theme of destruction at every gig, just for the hell of it! The band attended the same school, teaching themselves how to play dirty, streetrock like Fast Eddie Clarke. One can instantly recognize their love for hard rock and early NWOBHM, listener’s can hear traces of the pre-Mercyful Fate gang, or perhaps The Brats teaming up with Girlschool; sounds resonating with very early Judas Priest or Tank. Back in the golden days where the borders between rock, punk or metal weren’t as clearly divided as today, Wayward would have easily fit in, free from modern influence.