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Follow LP that does not disappoint in any way.

Well, what can I say? He did it again. Paul Speckmann, a true underground legend, managed another great speed/thrash release. Considering he has been the mastermind behind Deathstrike, Master, Speckmann Project and others, this album offers a slighty different brand of speed/thrash. Plus Dean Chioles and Aaron Nickeas really add a lot to the album.

Let me start with the production. It’s clear, it’s heavy and fits perfectly the album’s atmosphere. I love the concept of a “power trio”. Every musician has to focus on their own instrument and besides that, add different aspects to the music to make it more interesting. The drum work is flawless and the drum sound is punchy. The guitar and bass are somewhat muddy, but they just add a little “underground” effect to the album. The songs are very well done: full of great riffs and tempo changes. But the riffs and tempos are not just put together; they are nicely fit into the songs’ structures.

If you like speed metal or thrash metal, I really recommend this album, even though it was released in 1991, when the thrash “trend” was declining.

Abomination is one of the finest speed/thrash bands out there and as a band, it was always overlooked. And IMHO, Speckmann’s work has been criminally underrated. He deserves a lot of respect for keeping the underground flame alive with all his projects and bands.

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