Titans Wheel

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Wigwam Titans Wheel



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Black vinyl, 300 copies.

This limited-to-500 edition of this 2002 album is also the album’s vinyl debut, released to celebrate Wigwam’s 50th anniversary as a band. With extensive liner notes.

Remains To Be Seen (Pembroke) 5:45
Subterranean Sunrise (Rechardt/Pembroke) 4:03
Titans Wheel (Rechardt/Pembroke) 5:45
Drive On Driver (Rechardt/Pembroke) 4:47
Bitesize (Rechardt/Pembroke) 6:14
Greatfield (Pembroke) 5:40
Win Your Love (Pembroke) 3:42
Drinks On The House (Pembroke) 5:57
Good Mornington Street (Rechardt/Pembroke) 4:00
The Lost Lizard King (Ababacab) (Rechardt/Pembroke) 4:05
To The Other Side (Rechardt/Pembroke) 5:10
Heaven In A Modern World (Rechardt/Pembroke) 5:01
That’s The Way (Someone Chanted Evening) (Pembroke) 4:53

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