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Oh wow. This is good. Back when I was an avid grind listener I would have totally listened to this and ripped it off. -Beau Beasley / Insect Warfare

While not quite the Chinese Democracy of underground grindcore, Death Toll 80K’s second album has been a few years in the making. Their debut Harsh Realities (2011) was a surprise hit in the murky world of underground grindcore, and the album has since been repressed several times and the band has toured the world extensively, playing major festivals such as Maryland Deathfest and Obscene Extreme.

Despite its exceptionally long production time, Step Down sounds anything but polished – listening to the album conjures up images of nuclear attacks and civilization downfalls. Step down seethes with politically charged fury against the status quo and with its reckless production values it is the perfect antidote to modern technical cleaned-up grindcore.

Side A:

1. Panopticon

2. Walls

3. Trampled

4. Process

5. Repeating Failures

6. Abolish Fur Farms

7. Step Down

8. Statistics



Side B:


1. Leeches

2. Lack of Perspective

3. Cause/Avoid

4. Hydra

5. Diminish

6. Trickle Down

7. Binary

8. Silent Approval

9. Blame the Victim

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