Skin Turns to Glass

Nadja Skin Turns to Glass

2LP (white)


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Originally recorded on cassette 4-track and released on limited cdr in 2003 by Nothingness Records (which became Consouling Sounds), the tracks were entirely re-recorded and released on CD in 2008 by The End Records. In 2017, for the vinyl edition, these 2008 recordings were partially re-recorded and then entirely re-mixed, re-worked, and re-edited into four side-length tracks.

“When Nadja come on you feel like everything should be moving in slow motion.
We can call it a soundtrack to, say, a gathering storm in the sky, electrical nebulae stunned by heavy interference, dark suns being shattered to pieces by giant hammers, swirling vertigos of dust…”

White vinyl edition limited to 200 copies.

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