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The Finnish 4-piece rock n’ roll band Hard Action will be releasing their first full length album ’Sinister Vibes’ on Svart Records in June 2015. Started in March 2014 by guitarist Ville Valavuo (Speedtrap, Death Toll 80K), drummer Markus Hietamies (Speedtrap, Forced Kill) and lead singer/guitarist Günter Kivioja (Chestburster) the lineup was finally completed in late 2014 with bass player A-P Heinola (First Times), and the band are already working hard on new material. Even though Hard Action have only played a handful of shows so far they’ve already gained attention and radio play in Spain, Germany, Canada, Australia and the US.

Following the debut single ’Dead Dogs’ the band takes up where they left off with the first release only to take it up a notch with this 10-track LP. The music is deeply rooted in 1970’s rock and late-70’s punk rock, and the simple-yet-catchy songs are topped with burning hot lead guitar parts, so expect nothing less than an album filled with electric guitar worshipping rock music. This album will definitely be one of the highlights of Finnish rock music in 2015.