Pharaoh Overlord Siluurikaudella



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Ektro Records releases a vinyl pressing of Pharaoh Overlord’s
impenetrable classic Siluurikaudella in Spring 2019.

Ten years into its existence, Pharaoh Overlord’s seminal work
Siluurikaudella has lost little of its baffling appeal. Upon its initial
release in 2010, the abstract quality of the album garnered less than
rave reviews from rock critics and left several listeners unable to
contextualise this piece of art.

For the group, Siluurikaudella was a major move from riff-oriented
expression – their sober take on stoner rock – to a free-form tightrope
of ‘no safety nets allowed’ policy. The album, which at the time of its
release was a stone-cold artistic statement, has matured into a
meaningful depiction of today’s complex society where random
interpretations are taken as stubborn constants, unaltered by dialogue.
What we see on Siluurikaudella is evidence of transformation of artistic
nonconformism into holistic social commentary.

The vinyl constellation of Siluurikaudella consists of tracks
‘Vesitorni’ and ‘Piirros 3’.