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Massive Conspiracy Against All Life was not a step forward in every way for Leviathan, and I wouldn’t call it my favourite of his albums, but it is Wrest at his boldest. As much as The Tenth Sub-Level of Suicide deserves its own shade of legend, MCAAL is sharp and ambitious enough to have placed Leviathan in the big leagues. This bottomless pit calculated chaos can be a hard beast to tame, and if Leviathan’s core songwriting was less vibrant this time around, I think it’s excused on the merit that he was pushing himself hard in other ways. As the album with the dubious honour of being caught between eras, MCAAL is a perfect introduction to Leviathan, both old and new. It cannot justly be compared directly with the weirder stuff he was doing earlier; one cannot stay in the cradle forever, despite all of the primitive charms that come with youth. This album brought Wrest’s execution to a level on par with the best modern black metal has to offer, and the leap forward opened new doors of possibility for the band as a whole. WithScar Sighted seven years later in 2015, and we’re seeing the dismal buds of this album come full bloom at last.