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With cover art by Vesa-Matti Loiri and musical performances by Pekka Pöyty, Olli Ahvenlahti, Esa Kotilainen, Hasse Walli, Reiska Laine, to name a few, bassist Make Lievonen’s only solo album (1977) features a plethora of talent from jazz and prog rock circles of the time. Lievonen’s solo album came about after a stint in Dave Lindholm’s group Pen Lee & Co, when Love Records head honcho Atte Blom finally showed Lievonen the green light.

Electric fusion was the big thing in jazz in the Finland of 1977, “All of the musicians who had their ears open at the time became infatuated with the fusion scene. The fascinating new sounds of the analog synthesizers enchanced the mystic qualities of a music never heard before”, commented Lievonen later. Svart Records is happy to bring this rare piece of electric fusion jazz back on vinyl, after being out of print for nearly four decades.

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