Kansakunnan Ylpeys

Kansakunnan Ylpeys Kansakunnan Ylpeys



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Kansakunnan ylpeys is an three-piece from Oulu, Finland′s grim up north, invoking unsettling sounds of disintegrating sheet metal and urban existentialism. Aimless intoxicated strolls in the streets that have no name.

Laughable but almost danceable bass line lulls you into a moronic state, while screeching guitar blows the earwax out of your nose. ”No jamming! Everything stripped to the bare bones.”, said the drummer.

With their debut vinyl, these slackers of noise rock invite you to the most depressive 90′s pool party you′ve ever been to. Wake up and smell the cheap beer and antidepressants.

It’s the sound constantly verging on collapse, it’s Flipper meets The Fall, it’s piss – yellow and warm!