Jobcentre Rejects - Ultra Rare NWOBHM 1978-1982

Various Artists Jobcentre Rejects – Ultra Rare NWOBHM 1978-1982



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Twelve ultra rare and highly collectable NWOBHM singles originally released by small labels in Britain between 1978-82. A Nuggets, Pebbles, Rubbles or Killed By Death of NWOBHM. Remastered sound and extensive liner notes by Kieron Tyler (Mojo Magazine). Will appeal to all metalheads, punk rockers, garage-rock freaks, pub rockers, and everyone into truly great and brilliant rock’n’roll music.

1. Baseline: Suspended Animation
2. Predatür: Seen You Here
3. Spider: Children of the Street
4. Stray: This One’s for You
5. Overdrive: On the Run
6. Frenzy: Thanx for Nothin’
7. Die Laughing:You Got the Power
8. Speed: Down the Road
9. Energy: Don’t Show Your Face
10. The Next Band: Never on a Win
11. Static: Voice on the Line
12. Metal Mirror: (Living On) English Booze

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