In No Good Hand

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Hello Black Hole In No Good Hand



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How to deal with increasing everyday anxiety and social tensions arising from situations you cannot understand? One option would be to greet them head on, which is exactly what Helsinki-based power trio Hello Black Hole state as their mission. The raincoat-clad Johan “Goatspeed” Snell, whom you may remember as the creative force behind the cult band Beastmilk, writes catchy, multi-layered four minute paeans to everything unexplorable and unexplainable.

Written under the influence of Pixies and Whitehouse, performed with the help of bassist Pontus and drummer Titus, Hello Black Hole sounds deceptively easy to digest at first, but prolonged exposure reveals many curiosities laying underneath. “Each person’s life is a hole, and the challenge is to find out where it leads”, comments Snell, “That is the process this music stems from.”