Räjäyttäjät III



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When Räjäyttäjät first appeared in Finland ten years ago – live, on cassette, and on vinyl – it was like a cleansing fire. Räjäyttäjät arrived to blast rock music into smithereens, atoms, ash, and crap. Rock music was left powerless before the trio’s onslaught. The flamethrowers disguised as instruments left only scorched earth behind.

At last we now know, with this latest LP, that the band burned down rock in the name of love; and only so that it could bloom forth stronger and more handsome than ever. Räjäyttäjät are all about cohesion. Rock is eternal, the new age of Aquarius is upon us, and the colours are glowing brighter.

The message, both musically and lyrically, is surprisingly clear. The touch is experimental but firm, and the music is beautiful even at its most angular moments.

The band is still free to emit an unpredictable art fart as and when required, but otherwise this new album definitely slips into the ‘classic rock’ section of record shops – in the proudest possible sense of that term. The world may glisten with shit, but you can listen to these hymns and still live like a civilised human being.