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Hades …Again Shall Be



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Norwegian Black/Pagan Metal classic! Digitally remastered!

This is surely one of the best debuts of its era. We would also go so far as to say this is one of the greatest albums of the early, mid-90’s Norwegian scene hands down.

Recorded in Grieghallen June/July ‘94 with engineering, and production credits going
out to Pytten (o.a. Mayhem, Emperor, Immortal) with this one the sound of a genre was perfected. This is Viking Black Metal the way it was meant to be played. If your a fan of Bathory, Enslaved, Immortal or Isengard you will love this. For the most part, this music is melodicely charged excellence. Thanks first to an awesome producer/production, and secondly to great musicians who had undenible ability. The songs really are able to capture a distinct Viking feel, one crafted through reverence, and enhanced by intelligence. Just amazing structures weaving through perfect riff progressions, drowned in melodic dramatics, and layers offering one’s pallete to either search through, or as a grand cloaking background to mentally drop out into. Every instrument is mixed perfectly, and was produced/recorded by very talented people. This has melodic structures built upon melodic structures, all of which drift through powerfull rythm progressions, and at base contain the essence of Viking Metal. This has truelly capable musicians who obviously had unique visions, and were talented enough to not only put it down in song, but excell at that.

Undoubtedly one of the best products to come from their scene (which competition was tough to say the least), and one which didn′t quite get the recognition it deserved. We recommend this to all fans of Black Metal, and is essential to fans of Viking Black
Metal. Actually, there are not too many other Black Metal albums we would recommend over this.

These recordings are digitally remastered in 2016 by Toneshed Studio.

For fans of: Bathory, Enslaved, Immortal, Celtic Frost