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This authorised reissue of Finnforest’s debut album, originally released on Love Records in 1975. Features
extensive liner notes by Arttu Seppänen.

When Finnforest recorded their debut album, the Tegelman brothers were 17 years old. The band had shrunk into a trio after the singer Aaro Mustonen and the bassist Jarmo Hiekkala had left the band in 1973. The core trio remained:
Pekka Tegelman (electric and acoustic guitars, electric bass) Jukka Rissanen (organ, electric piano, Arp Odyssey synthesizer) and Jussi Tegelman (drums). Due to the lack of the bassist, Pekka Tegelman played the bass in couple of the songs and rest of the basslines were played by Rissanen using his organ. Pekka Tegelman expressed his satisfaction with the solution in an interview published by Selvis magazine: “I’m glad that the record doesn’t have the Pekka Pohjola
horse-racing bass comping that was a typical feature in Finnish prog of the era”.

It’s amazing how diverse and intense music they recorded with such a stripped-down lineup: it’s dynamic and rich in texture. The album is yet another fine example of a professional, original and convincing record in the
Finnish progressive rock canon. The trio plays together extremely well – like confident, experienced session musicians. However this was the first time the three youngsters played in a proper recording studio. Love Records couldn’t afford to send all of their bands to record at the more expensive (but also more advanced) Marcus Music Studios in Stockholm but Finnforest immediately got the opportunity to record their debut there – instead of a more cheaper and less-advanced Finnish studio like the Finnvox in Helsinki or the Microvox in Lahti. This was a big compliment from the label
and showed that they had faith in the material.