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Mountain Witch Extinct Cults

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After four years of conspirative plotting, Mountain Witch return with a new album. Extinct Cults features 6 new songs of gloomy, doomy, stubbornly rocking heavy metal. With a moody production that reflectsoldschool instinctiveness rather than vintage mimicry. For fans of year dates one could describe the sound as early 80s but probably somewhere in the countryside, where people still, unsuspectingly honour the old gods of 70s heaviness but ride on faster mopeds! Album opener “Capping Day” screams “Sabbath Purple Sabbath”, “Back From The Grave” sports a gloomy polysynth and evokes 80s horror-b-movies the same as “Worship You”. The title track “Extinct Cults” smashes the simon-and-garfunkelesk idyll of its intro with chunky lumber of pissed off doom `n roll. The quirky metal of “Man is Wolf To Man” chases its prey to its finaldestination, “The Devil, Probably”, a musical day of unbaptised judgment.

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