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After their highly acclaimed 2013 debut full length „Poisoned Void“ (Woodcut Rec.), finnish VORUM finally returnwith completely new material. And fukk, what material that is. „Current Mouth“ definitely is one of the mostscariest and extreme recordings ever to be spit out from scandinavia. While „Poisoned Void“ still was based on certain swedish/finnish/american death metal structures and rathertraditional, comprehensible songwriting & performance, „Current Mouth“ nearly leaves out all of those principles.Therefore VORUM this time reaches a very unique and special level. While today it seems to become a movement tohead towards more progressive, sophisticated and „atmospheric“ sounds in Death Metal, VORUM is utter„backwardness“… intentionally. They are the opposite to anyone who is looking for a way out of the maze called„Death Metal“. VORUM find their way deep and straight into the middle, into the heart of it. Into the mouth ofchaos and darkness. They deliver salvation in a boundless storm of hatred and destruction. These fukkers don ́tcare for convenient listening, they don ́t care about anything but the demons and energies driving them.Each of the five songs is based on breathtaking riffs, supersonic stringattacks & devastating, absolutely skilleddrumming. And the voice… the voice skins you alive. A great, intense and rough production perfectly fits themorbid intention & the artwork will not leave any question of insanity and possession unanswered.VORUM is the reminder of what true Death Metal is all about. They throw up on every indication of conformity andingratiation. “Current Mouth“ is the merciless sound of hell! This release will rape your senses. It hurts andharms. Together with Degial and Invidious, VORUM complete the trinity of madness, violence and bestiality. Theyare the sworn originators of the most abominable sound from the far north.On „Current Mouth“, VORUM perfectly combine the darkness of „Divus de mortuus“, the heaviness of „Abomination ofDesolation“, the insanity of „Salvation“, the brutality of „Critical Madness“ and the ignorance of „Horrified“. Although the total playing time of this release is only close to 20 minutes, everyone should be aware that: Pain lengthens time!