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Released on vinyl under exclusive license from Translation Loss.

ItÍs hard to believe three years have passed since the release of Howl & Filth, Generation of VipersÍ prior full-length. ItÍs an album that has only managed to improve with age, and I find myself more into it with every listen. So, naturally, when the opportunity was presented for Gilead Media to work alongside GoV and long-time friends Translation Loss to present a vinyl edition of their new album in North America, brilliantly titled Coffin Wisdom, I didnÍt hesitate for a single moment.

For all the love and affection I have for their last effort, I still wasnÍt prepared for the impact of Coffin Wisdom. Engineered by bassist Travis Kammeyer and mixed by Andrew Schneider at Translator Audio in Brooklyn, NY, these seven new tracks display a focusing of power. Harnessing influence, maturing as a creative force, and crafting their most fully realized works thus far.

Generation of Vipers define a musical amalgam. A bit of metal and a dash of hardcore blended with hefty dollop of noise-rock. ItÍs obvious there has been a focus placed on developing a real tone in their sound, and itÍs pushed right to the forefront riff after riff. Coffin Wisdom is thick, and itÍs a total sonic assault.

Coffin Wisdom will be presented as a 33 1/3 rpm LP, with jacket printed on 20 pt reverse stock. The vinyl edition will also include an 8-page 11_ x 11_ booklet.