Buried Country: An Anthology of Aboriginal Country Music

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Various Artists Buried Country: An Anthology of Aboriginal Country Music



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Compilation of Aboriginal Australian country music. When we say country, it is a broader category than you might imagine. This LP contains all kinds of sounds. The cosmic organ driven dream song of Black Allan Barker, the droney intensely political Glararrwuy Yunupingu,the straight up rocking Warumpi Band, the ballad singing of Maisie Kelly, the down home pop of Bobby McLeod and much much more. A diverse cross section of Aboriginal “country”. All of this material has never been reissued on vinyl before. Political and powerful songs from communities throughout Australia. This is a truly unique LP. Comes with extensive liner notes and photos. A co-release with our friends Flipping Yeah Records.

1. Black Allan Barker – Take Me Back
2. Galarrwuy Yunupingu – Gurindji Blues
3. Warumpi Band – Jailanguru Pakarnu
4. Kankawa Nagarra – Yanany Baliba
5. The Kooriers – Sick of being treated like a mangy old dog
6. Jimmy Little – The Coloured Lad
7. Brown Bros – Black and white cat
8. Dougie Young – They Call It Cut A Rug
9. Maise Kelly – My home in the valley
10. Harry Williams & The Country Outcasts – Streets of Old Fitzroy
11. Bobby McLeod – The Resurrection

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