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The bluesy, garage-y and punky duo Black Magic Six takes another leap towards the grave this very April when Svart Records puts out their fourth full length album, titled Choose Death. Even though the group themselves often underline their mental, musical and lyrical stagnation, the new opus is a long leap closer to the edge. The title of the album, Choose Death, epitomizes the band’s attitude towards their own history and a possible future.

“We began our journey with the voodoo psychosis of the debut (Evil Acupunction, 2008) and traveled along a left hand path (Doomsday Bound, 2010) to a crossroads (Brutal Blues, 2013). From there we went to survey the scenery in the valley of death (Halfway To Hell, 2013)”, comments vocalist J-Tan, “One lyrical theme evident throughout the new album is the acceptance of mortality, one way or another. Old age, loneliness, frustration, alcoholism, a piece of rope, all of them will kill you in the end.”

Choose Death widens its musical palette in comparison to its predecessors, but at the same time one can easily notice the backbone of the band remains the same as always. Comments J-Tan, “Our basic ingredients haven’t changed, we are still just an archaic two-man stomp show. On the new album we’ve given in, slightly, and let more guest stars in. We also wanted more noisy percussion in there, to accompany the idiotic slogans, endless references to the history of popular music and the caveman groove. Of the various guests I would like to point out the guitarist Joonas Kotila, who’s present on half of the album’s tracks. Also Janne Westerlund’s (Circle, Plain Ride) outburst on 16 Tons of Misery is a special moment in its own primitively solemn way.”

Black Magic Six remains quiet about its future. At least it seems the band is not giving it up, at least not this year. The band have shows planned around Europe and South America too. Whether the new album makes the band choose either death or a fresh start thus still remains to be seen.

Black Magic Six Choose Death



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